Phillip Bahakel
for Judge
Circuit Judge Place #2

"A man who will do what is right by us and our families."  In fact he is not accepting financial contributions!"  Kelley D.

Volunteer and Let's Lead Together

Be More Awesome

"I am a Christian, a Family Man, lawyer and a former judge. I am not a politician. As a Judge I learned how to manage a court room scheduling cases to move a docket.  As a Judge I had to make decisions that followed the facts and followed the law."   Former Judge Phillip Bahakel

You are What You Do

"If your looking for the best...look no further." Cynthia Fortenberry

"You are by far the most impartial Judge I have been in front of." Dave Lyn

"You have my vote for Judge. Your DEDICATED, HONEST, INTELLIGENT, FAIR and the best Lawyer in town" Madalyn Ward

Love for God, Our Community and Common Good.

Serving The Community

"As a Republican Phillip Bahakel has been part of our community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. He believes in the commitments of our residents and their wonderful families and the Shelby County GOP.  Phillip stands for us and has helped many of us and now is your chance to help him continue to help you." James D.

United By A Common Goal

"I have known this man for 40 years.  You could not ask for a more honest ethical person.  He is what we need in our courts!" Beth Mae

Phillip Bahakel knows the value of being connected with us and standing for values. That's why he is running for this position. Help him help our community.  

Get Involved

Phillip Bahakel can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating your time are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.   We are very thankful for all of our current support and know that Phillip Bahakel is right for the Columbiana Courthouse.

Never Give Up

"Phillip was a GREAT Judge  and a GREAT lawyer. A lawyers, lawyer.  He is respectful to all and very knowledgable." Steven Long.

"He really does care about the people." Janice West